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Our Community, Our Commitment

As a growing business in our community, we have the passion and desire to reach out and give assistance where we can. We have developed many friendships with the numerous businesses that we come in contact with every day. One particular friendship is with Luxottica Group who operates a charitable organization known as OneSight. In 2008, OneSight combined Give the Gift of Sight, Pearle Vision Foundation and Community I Care into one, new, global organization reaching worldwide to bring the gift of sight to those in need. The Gift of Sight began in 1988 as a used glasses collection in conjunction with a voucher program allowing stores to donate new glasses in their community. In the decades since its inception, this program has helped over seven million individuals with better vision.

We at Dacobe have been given the opportunity to be surrounded by experienced, talented and giving people. We have chosen to get involved with a charitable program called Cents For Sight. Cents For Sight follows in the footsteps of the original Gift Of Sight collecting used eyeglasses and frames to be professionally reconditioned and given to those who need.


  • 901 Broad St.
    Utica, NY 13501
  • Hours: M-F, 7:00am-3:30pm
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